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Related article: Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 23:08:44 -0500 From: Mark Cantrell Subject: After The Caribbean Cruise: Part ElevenThis story is totally fictional, although it uses the characters from 'Caribbean Cruise', located in the Gay Male/Encounters Section. This is my first attempt at writing a story with a bisexual theme. In the past, I have concentrated on strictly gay male stories. However, since I am bi, I decided to try my hand at getting a little pussy thrown into the mix. I hope those of you who followed 'Caribbean Cruise' will enjoy the continued 'adventures' of Jordan Bentley, as well as any new readers.Some of the sexual scenes do not portray safe sex, but this IS fiction. Just remember...ALWAYS practice safe sex in REAL life.After The Caribbean Cruise: Part ElevenI purposely avoided going to the beach the next day. I was afraid it would be too awkward, seeing Greg AND Randy, knowing I had enjoyed sex with Greg the night before, and was going to have sex with his son Randy tonight. My cock was hard thinking about BOTH!I DID take a peek several times from the privacy of the hedges surrounding my pool, and saw Greg and his family setting up their umbrella in the same spot as before.Randy stood and looked up at my place several times, possibly hoping I would join them. I looked at his young hard body through my binoculars, thinking about how he would look naked and in my bed. I resisted the urge to jack off, saving it for tonight.I wondered if Greg had mentioned anything to Beth about a foursome with Charlie. I swung the glasses over to check her out. Beth was wearing another brief bikini and my mouth watered at the sight of her long legs, flat stomach and mouth-watering breasts. My cock jerked in my shorts as I imagined her naked and in the throes of a powerful orgasm.Charlie had been thrilled by the idea of meeting Greg and Beth. I had some uneasy thoughts when Charlie asked me how I would feel if Greg wanted to fuck her. "If it will bother you, I won't let it happen," She said. "I would be very happy to settle for Beth."After thinking about it, I told her that I wasn't exactly sure how seeing another guy enjoying her charms. "I don't want to make you think I would make demands on you," I said, "As long as you still come back to ME."She laughed and replied, "Oh Jordan...YOU are my MAN! I am YOUR woman! That isn't going to change.""I think I would be alright," I said, "Besides, I have to admit...I would like to get a taste of Beth!""Want to know something ELSE?" Charlie whispered. "I have never seen you in action with another GUY either. Thinking about it, Lolitas Nymphet Girls makes me wet. I had to consider how I would feel seeing you having sex with Greg...And I finally decided I would like that!"Having gotten that settled, I proceeded to occupy myself to pass the time until tonight. I cleaned the pool and vacuumed the house, making sure no trace of Greg's visit was left.Finally, the evening arrived and I was growing anxious about the upcoming event. I had showered and put on a pair of underwear, and a short sleeve shirt. I was sitting on the sofa listening to some soft classical music. I leaned toward Chopin and Beethoven. At the moment, I was listening to Chopin's 'Grande Valce Brillante', and sipping on a snifter of Napoleon Brandy.My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the front doorbell. Randy was standing there and waived as I opened the door. I let him in and locked the door. No lights were visible from the front of my house, and I had turned out the lights in the pool area. To anyone who might approach from the beach, the house would appear to be unoccupied. I didn't want any interruptions."I was hoping to see you on the beach today," Randy said. "I've been horny all day and wanted to maybe get a little preview of tonight." His cock was already tenting the front of his shorts."I would have liked to," I replied, "But I was afraid it would be awkward, trying to keep my hands off you."We went into the Great Room and I shut the drapes over the sliding glass doors leading to the pool. "Want something to drink?" I asked."S...Sure," He said a little nervously. How 'bout a beer?""Are you sure that's a good idea?" I asked, "How would your parents feel if you came home with beer on your breath?""They probably won't even notice WHEN I get home," He replied. "They ran Misty and Pete off to the movies, so they could spend the evening fucking their brains out. I know for a fact, they haven't been able to have any fun with us kids around."I got him his beer and we sat down on the sofa. Randy sprawled out with his legs extended. This only served to make his crotch more prominent. I could see the outline of his hard cock extending down one leg of his shorts."What's that you're listening to?" He asked."That's Chopin," I answered. "I like to listen to his music when I'm relaxing.""Hmmmm...Sounds like the Opera," He commented."It's great for background music when making love," I said, as I placed my hand on his leg above his knee. His eyes opened wide and he looked at me."Is THAT why you've got it playing...For US?""I think it will do nicely for our purposes," I replied, and moved my hand up a little higher.As a last thought, before going any further, I said, "Randy...Are you SURE you want to do this? I don't want to make you do anything you don't feel comfortable with.""I want it," He exclaimed, "I'm tired of guys my age who are just learning. I want someone...I want YOU, to show me what it's like. I know you won't hurt me and I've already felt your cock and like it. I've always liked looking at older guys anyway...At the gym, and at the public swimming pools. I get hard every time I see a sexy grown up naked."Randy had finished his drink and moved closer to me on the sofa. He leaned his head back as my hand reached the bottom of his shorts. "Mmmm...That feels nice," He said. "I've been waiting all day for this."I moved my hand over his bulge and squeezed, bringing a gasp from his lips. I could feel his dick jerk under my fingers. It felt like he wasn't wearing any underwear. I traced the length of his rod through his shorts and he squirmed his hips.I put an arm behind his neck on the back of the sofa and he laid his head on my shoulder, groaning softly. His hand came up to lay on my upper chest.The sound his zipper made as I slowly lowered it was loud in the room. Chopin continued to softy play on the stereo. I could see his pubic hair appear in the open fly and confirmed he was naked under the shorts.When my hand moved inside to run through the fine blonde bush, Randy groaned louder, "Ohhhh...Geez...I'm so horny, I'm about to cum!" He lay back against the sofa and raised his hips.I reached his beautiful boy cock and pulled it out...the tip wet from his precum, Go ahead...We've got time...Don't hold back," I said as I quickly leaned over and swiped my tongue across the tip, tasting his sweet nectar."Ohhhh...Ohhhh...I...I can't help it," He gasped, "I'm gonna shoot...Unnnggh!"I barely had time to swallow his throbbing cock before the first shot of his cum exploded into my mouth."Unnnggh...Unnnggh...Ohhhh...I'm cumming," Randy cried out, "I'm cumming...Oh gosh...Oh FUCK!"I swallowed his seed as he spurted five or six more times. His hands were on the back of my shoulders as his hips pumped frantically.Finally he emptied his balls and lay back limply. His cock remained rock hard as I sucked it and milked the last drops of his cum. I let it slip out of my mouth with a loud 'POP'."Oh Gee," He said, "I...I'm sorry Jordan...I couldn't help it...I didn't mean to cum so quick.""Don't worry about it," I consoled him, " I loved the taste of your cum. I'm glad I made you cum quick. We can go slow and take out time now, LOOK...Your cock is still as hard as ever."His dick was standing straight up from his open fly and glistened with the remains of his cum and my saliva."I want to do it again," He said, "And THIS time, I want to suck YOUR dick.""Why don't we go into the bedroom then," I suggested. "Let's get you naked and ready for Round Two!"I helped him up off the sofa and led him into the bedroom. He held his shorts up with one hand until we reached the bed. He quickly dropped the shorts and stepped out of them, then pulled his tee shirt over his head.I sat on the edge of the bed and just took a moment to stare at the gorgeous teenager. Randy stood almost 6 feet tall and his athletic body was trim and toned. His stomach showed what would soon be a well developed six pack. His chest was also nicely developed and his nipples were small but were sticking out in his excitement.He was almost hairless, except for a small wisp under his arms and the nice soft bush around the base of his dick. I had originally thought he was only about 5 inches long, but had revised Lolitas Nymphet Girls that when I first groped it underwater yesterday. Now, I was forced to revise my estimate yet again.Randy's dick was at least 6 inches in it's present state...And he had just cum. He probably would measure a good 6 1/2 inches when fully erect. It was a smaller image of his Father's...A nice head that was larger than the shaft. The shaft itself was smooth and perfectly straight...about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. My thumb and forefinger just touched when I had held it before."Randy," I remarked, "You are one HELL of a sexy young guy. You're absolutely gorgeous...And I LOVE looking at your body."He blushed but his cock jerked as it began to grow to it's maximum dimensions. I may have STILL underestimated it's size."Gosh Jordan," He said, "You're embarrassing me. Nobody has ever spoke to me like that.""Well, It's TRUE," I replied, "And you're gonna hear that a LOT more, from LOT'S of guys.""Anyway...I think it's time I got to see YOUR'S," He said. "Hurry up and get undressed."He lay down on the bed as I rose to slip off my shorts and shirt. When his glance locked onto my bouncing cock, he whistled softly. "Whew...You're HUGE! I didn't realize it was THAT big when I had it in my hand yesterday.""I'm not really that much bigger than YOU, Babe. I wouldn't be surprised at all if you ended up bigger than me."I lay down beside him and we turned on our sides to face each other. Randy reached his hand over to touch my dick hesitatingly, before boldly grasping it and stroking it gently but firmly."Ooooo," He whispered, "It feels so HARD. I want to suck it, OK?""I'd LOVE that Babe,"I groaned, "Just be careful...You've got me so hot I could cum easily. I don't recharge as fast as YOU do." I reached for his boner and stroked it, stopping to spread his precum over the head. He was leaking so much, my hand made a loud squishy sound as I began stroking him again.Randy's eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly open. I couldn't resist and leaned over to place a quick soft kiss on his pouty lips, then leaned back..His eyes popped open and his breath sucked in quickly. "Wha...Nobody ever kissed me before...I mean...No guy...I've kissed girls before...I just..."I leaned over and stopped him in mid sentence by covering his mouth again. This time I held the kiss a little longer. When I moved back again, his eyes were slightly glazed over."Wow!" He remarked, "That felt weird...I never thought about kissing...Kissing another guy."I leaned close again, and I watched his eyes close...anticipating. When I made contact, I let my tongue trail across the surface between his lips and heard him gasp. I continued moving my tongue back and forth, and was thrilled to feel the tip of his tongue tentatively meet mine.Randy was groaning deep in his throat as he began to respond to the kiss. His hand was still stroking my dick and I could feel his body tremble with excitement. His cock was pulsating in my hand.I rolled over onto my back pulling him over to lay on my chest. I put my free hand behind his neck and pulled his mouth against mine. I slipped my tongue inside his mouth and felt him open wider to suck on my tongue.Randy finally tore his lips away from mine, gasping, "Ohhhh, MAN...That was...Awesome...I never thought I would kiss a GUY."He was still gripping my cock, and he raised up onto his knees between my legs and stared at the throbbing pole as it responded to his touch. A drop of precum appeared, and Randy scooted further down to look closely at it.I raised up on my elbows and watched him as he made up his mind. His tongue swept over the tip of my cock tasting the liquid. "Mmmmm," He murmured, "Tastes kinda salty and sweet at the same time. Do I taste like that?""Something like that," I answered, "Everybody's precum...And their CUM, tastes different. Yours is more sweet than anything...And your cum is delicious."Randy ran his tongue around the head and sucked it into his mouth. He obviously had sucked a cock before, but he was trying to copy what I had done to him."Ahhhh...That feels WONDERFUL Randy," I groaned, "Your mouth is so hot."He tried to take too much at once and gagged."Easy Babe," I cautioned, "Don't try to hurry...Take your time. You're really sucking me good."He began bobbing on my cock, and was slowly getting more and more into his mouth."Mmmmm...Turn around Randy," I groaned, I want to suck your cock too."I guided his legs over my chest and reached for his cock. I didn't waste any time and swallowed him completely. His hairless balls were rubbing against my nose. He moaned and rotated his ass sliding his cock in and out of mu sucking mouth.His cute but and sweet little rosebud were staring at me, just a few inches away from my mouth. I put my hands on his ass cheeks and spread them. His hole was clenching as my mouth made his cock surge.When I ran a finger along his crack, brushing his hole. Randy grunted and his hips jerked, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I tickled his tiny opening with the tip of my finger and his moans increased. He tried to push back against my finger humping his cock in my mouth.I left his cock slip out and licked his balls, wetting them with saliva, then sucked and tongued his perineum. His hips were gyrating frantically now and Lolitas Nymphet Girls when I moved a little further...and raised my head, I was able to reach his opening with my tongue.Randy's head came up off my dick and he gasped out loud, "Ohhhh...Fuck...Ohhhh...That...Ohhh," He groaned again, unable to finish his sentence. He took my cock back into his mouth and sucked frantically.I stuck my tongue into his hole and wiggled it, causing him to shudder. His ass clenched around my tongue and his cock jerked several times. His groans were loud now and I knew he was about to cum. I reached for his cock and jerked him as I tongue fucked his asshole.My own climax was close and I moaned and thrust my hips up fucking his mouth. My hand jacked his dick rapidly as I felt him groan once more long and loud and his cum spurted out covering my chest and his stomach.I felt my cum spurt into his sucking mouth and he bobbed faster, swallowing my seed as fast as he could. We had to hold on to each other as our climaxes made out bodies jerk uncontrollably.When we finished, we rolled apart, still laying head to toe on our backs."O fuck!" Randy gasped, "Man...I can't believe you had your tongue in my ass! I never felt anything like that! I almost passed out when I came.""You swallowed MY cum," I said, "I wasn't sure you would want to, but I couldn't warn you in time.""Yeah," He replied, "When I felt your dick start to jerk, I knew you were about to cum. I thought about it and then decided to go ahead an take it...I mean you swallowed MY cum...Twice.""How was it then?" I asked."Not as bad as I thought it might be...Actually, I LIKED it!" He confessed.When our breathing returned to normal, we hopped up and used a towel to clean the cum off our bodies. Randy suggested a swim."I guess it'll be alright," I said. "I won't turn the lights on, so we can stay naked."There was a full moon out and the patio and pool were bathed in a soft light that was enough to see by.We swam a few laps, before I had to stop and prop up against the side. There was no way I could keep up with Randy.He swam up to me and smiled, " What's the matter...Feeling your age?" He splashed water at me and turned to swim away, but I grabbed his ankle and yanked him back. "Ha!" I whispered Lolitas Nymphet Girls triumphantly, "I'll show YOU old!" I Put both arms around him and held on. My soft cock was lodged in the crack of his ass.Randy laughed and wiggled his butt against the lump he could feel spreading his cheeks. The wiggling slowed, then turned into a sensual grinding. My cock slid up and down his crack. His laugh changed as it caught in his throat and changed into a soft moan. "Mmmmm...That feels good Jordan," He whispered.I loosened my grip and he turned around to put his arms around my shoulders. My hands were now on his ass, pulling him against my stirring cock. I could feel his youthful hardness pressing against my groin.We looked at each other for a few seconds, then Randy leaned close and pressed his lips against mine. He drew back and his eyes were thoughtful. "Mmmmm...He said softly...that was nice" and leaned in again.This time our mouths opened and his tongue slipped into MY mouth searching for my tongue. I sucked on him and circled his tongue with mine. We were both breathing raggedly."Let's get out of here and get this chlorine off our bodies," I suggested.When we had showered, we sat on the sofa...naked and sipped on another drink...A cold beer for BOTH of us this time."Jordan," Randy asked hesitatingly, "Did you enjoy...playing with my...My ass?""Babe," I replied, "I've enjoyed playing with every INCH of you. Your little bubble butt was just too fine to resist...WHY?""Well," He went on, "You see, I...I've been kinda wondering how...It would feel...You""You want to know how it feels to get fucked?" I offered."Uh...Yeah," He blushed. "Jessie and Rusty...You remember...The two friends I told you about that taught me about jacking off and sucking cocks?"When I nodded yes, he continued, "Well, they were always trying to get me to let them...Fuck me, but I was afraid to try it. Jesse even let me watch him fuck Rusty once...Rusty...He really seemed to enjoy it, and I got real hot watching, but still was too afraid to try it.""So...Why are you thinking about it NOW?" I asked.Randy swallowed hard before responding, "I've...Err...I've been..You know...PRACTICING.""Practicing?" I raised an eyebrow."Er..Yeah. I started just...Sticking my finger up there...In the shower, you know. Then I used the handle of a hairbrush...I put a condom over the handle and used some of Mom And Dad's KY. Finally, I found a big dildo in Mom's dresser...Well, it was about 6"...But it LOOKED big, and it sure FELT big the first time I tried to push it in."Randy's cock was once again fully erected. My own was not far behind."I finally managed to take it," He said. "It hurt like Hell the first few times, but I gradually got used to it.""So...Why didn't you try it with...What were their names...Jessie and Rusty? Why not them?""I dunno, I guess I was just too chicken. And...They aren't know for being exactly trustworthy, you know? I was afraid word would get out and I'd be branded.""OK...I understand," I said, "So...?""So I wondered...Would...Would YOU...Ah...Would me?" He struggled to get the words out.My pulse jumped and my cock was now hard. Randy saw this and took it in his hand stroking it slowly. "Please? C'mon Jordan..I KNOW you like my Lolitas Nymphet Girls ass!""Babe, I LOVE your sweet little ass," I groaned. "I'd LOVE to slide my cock into you...But are you SURE you want it to be ME?""Yes, I'm Sure," He replied. You really turn me on. Lolitas Nymphet Girls Also...We may never see each other again when I go back to Little Rock. I'd like to remember it was YOU that got my cherry. It would give me something to brag about to my friends...That my first fuck was from a Grown-up. Whaddya SAY?"How could I refuse such a tempting offer. If I hadn't already made up my mind, it would have been made up FOR me, as Randy leaned over and started sucking my cock.I lay back and let the sensations of his hot mouth carry me away, until I couldn't take it any longer.I reluctantly pulled him off my dick and kissed him. "You win, you little rat," I groaned."Oh Wow!" He exclaimed, when he saw me retrieve a tube of KY from the end table, "You're really gonna DO it?"I moved us over to a lounge chair near the patio door. Making sure the curtains were drawn, I sat Randy down and spread his legs. I went down on his sweet cock and sucked him for a few minutes until he was on the verge of blowing his third load of the evening.I licked and sucked his balls, then raised his legs in order to lathe his perineum with my tongue. My finger found his rosebud and started circling it. I stopped and put his legs over my shoulders, bringing his ass up and available. I buried my face in his crack that smelled fresh and clean from the shower and thorough cleaning I had made sure of.Randy stiffened and groaned, his head thrown back and his fists clutching the edges of the narrow chaise lounge. "Aggh...Ohhhh...Oh Geez...Oh FUCK...Yesss...Ohhhhh!" He gasped and squirmed frantically.I sucked and tongued and fingered him until his ass was relaxed, then I reached over and coated a finger with KY. When I pushed against his rosebud, it opened and allowed my finger to slide in smoothly all the way.Randy's hips surged up and his body was suspended in mid-air, braced only by his shoulders and the balls of his feet. "Oooooo...Yesss...Oh Gee...Oh Man...Ohh...Ohh," He groaned throught clenched teeth.Alll Of a sudden His body jerked as if he had been shocked by an electric cattle prod. "AHHHHHHH...FUUUCCCKK...What was THAT? What did you just DO?" He gasped."I just hit your prostate Babe," I explained, "Just wait until you feel my COCK rub it.""I'm not sure I can STAND much of that," He said, "That was the most AWESOME feeling I've ever had!"I continued to finger fuck him and also took his straining boy cock back into my mouth, bobbing rapidly. My free hand squeezed his balls and rubbed his perineum.Randy wasn't going to last much longer, so I let his cock slip out of my mouth and pulled my fingers out of his ass. His rosebud gripped it, not wanting to let go, but my finger finally came out with a slurpy 'POP'."Why did you stop?" Randy complained, "It was starting to feel real good!""Time for you to lose your cherry Babe," I replied. I picked him up and took his place. sitting down on the chaise lounge. I was sitting almost upright from the waist and my legs were stretched out straight on the chair."Come and sit on my lap facing me," I instructed. "Put a knee on each side of my hips...That's it."Randy was positioned over my crotch. He put his hands on my shoulders and I had MY hands on his hips. I kissed him again and said, "Now, since I'm bigger than your Mom's dildo, the Lolitas Nymphet Girls easiest way for us to start is this way. You can go as slow as you want...Take as much cock as you want...As FAST as you want. I'll just lie here and hold your hips to guide you...Ready?"He gulped and swallowed several times, then nodded yes. Lolitas Nymphet Girls I took one hand and held my dick straight up, while I used the one on his hip to guide him down, until I felt his pucker make contact with the tip of my cock."Don't try to rush it Babe, I warned, "This is probably still gonna hurt until you get the head of my cock past your outer ring. If it hurts too much, just stay still or back off and start again...OK?""O...OK," He whispered. He lowered his hips and I could feel his hole stretch to let my dick push in.Randy grimaced and bit his lip as his ass slowly lowered onto my rod. I removed my hand from my cock and put it back on his hip. "Slow Babe...Go Slow," I said.When he gasped, I stopped him and cautioned, "Wait...Just hold still a monent...Let your hole get used to me. Try to relax...Push out like you were trying to take a crap.""Ouch...I...I'll try," He groaned. I felt him push out and his hole opened a little and the head of my dick popped in. His eyes opened wide and his mouth opened, but he didn't make a sound."Oh YESS Babe," I groaned, "That's the way...You've got the head in now. That's the worst part. Hold still and keep trying to relax. Are you OK?""It burns!" He hissed, "OW...It still hurts!"He tried to pull up, but I held him. "Wait Babe," I urged, "Try and hang on for just a moment...It'll get better soon.""Unnh...Jeez," He groaned. His face showed his discomfort and he bit his lip. His legs were trembling, and Lolitas Nymphet Girls his fingers bit into my shoulders..I smeared a little more KY on my hand and reached for his soft cock. I squeezed the limp dick and rubbed my slick fingers over the head."Ummmm...Ooooo," He moaned, "That feels good...Keep doing that!"I did,and his cock began to stiffen. As It did, his hole relaxed some more and a few more inches slid in his sweet little tunnel."Oh...Hey...That didn't feel as bad," He remarked. His hips were starting to push his hardening dick into my hand. This caused his ass to move on my cock and let it take more inside him.I stopped his movement. "Try raising up, Babe...Just a little bit, then sit back down...Slowly...Take it easy."Randy did as I asked and his ass started getting slicker from Lolitas Nymphet Girls the KY and making it easier for him to keep the small movements going without pain. His cock was hard now, and the pleasure distracted him from the cock slowly plowing his ass.All of a sudden, on the next downward movement, he applied a little pressure and my cock slid in the rest of the way."Ooooff!" He grunted as he let out a big breath. He sat there a moment before he realized he had ALL of my dick in him."Don't move Babe," I cautioned, "You've get it ALL. Just let your ass get used to it. Ohhhh...Your ass feels so GOOD...I can't believe how tight you are...You're squeezing my dick real good.""Ohhhh...Jeez," He groaned, "I thought you were gonna split me open...But I took all of you...I've got ALL of your dick in my ass! It's starting to feel...Really good!"Just then, the calming sounds of Chopin ended and was replaced by the stirring sounds of Beethoven's 'Symphony No. 5 in C Minor'...Beethoven's Fifth! How appropriate!I said hoarsely, "I think you're ready now...Ready to get fucked...I'll go slow until YOU tell me to go faster."I moved my hands from around his waist and put them under his ass. I slowly applied upward pressure and Randy understood...He raised up.When he had moved just a few inches, I said, "Stop there Babe...Now drop back down...Oooo...Yesss...Like that...NOW raise back up just about the same...Mmmmm...Keep doing that...You're doing great!"Randy's hands were still on my shoulders but were no longer clutching them in pain. He kept making short, smooth up and down movements. His ass was starting to take me easily. My hands still assisted his movements."Ahhh...Ohhh...Ohhh...Ummmpph...Ummmpph," He grunted each time his ass slammed back down on my dick. "That feels GOOD, Jordan...I like how your cock is filling my ass...Can I have MORE of it yet?""I think so," I gasped, "Just set your own pace...Don't take it too fast...Just enjoy...I LOVE how your sweet ass feels around my dick."Randy began increasing the length of his movements. Soon, he was pulling almost all the way off, and dropping heavily back down until his ass slapped against my pubic bush. "Unnnggh...Unnnggh...Ohhhh, YEAH," He hissed, "Fuck me Jordan...Ooooo...I never felt so HOT...I'm getting fucked...By a MAN'S COCK!""Actually, You're not GETTING fucked yet," I groaned, "So far You're DOING most of the fucking, but I think it's about time we changed that! Hang on.""Wha...?" Randy started to say, but I reached my arms under his ass and stood up off the chaise lounge with him still impaled on my dick. His arms went around my neck and I pulled him close for a quick kiss.I headed for the bedroom, with him riding on my cock and hanging on for dear life. When we reached the bed, I put a knee down on the surface and laid him on his back without losing contact.After kissing him repeatedly until he started moving his ass on my cock, I suddenly pulled out of his ass with a loud 'POP'."Get up on your hands and knees, Babe," I said, "I'm gonna start really fucking YOU now."He hurried to comply, turning over and pushing his ass back toward me, wiggling it enticingly."Hurry, " He begged, "Put it back in me! Fuck me Jordan!"I knelt behind his upturned butt, placed my dick against his hole and pushed. His ass opened and my cock slid all the way in with ease, slapping loudly against his ass and pushing his body forward.Randy's head came up and his breath rushed from his lungs with a loud 'Woooshh'. "Ommmpph," He grunted, "Ohhh...Fuck...Fuck...It feels like you just shoved your cock so deep, it's sticking out of my MOUTH! I can't believe it...It feels...Just...It feels...AWSOME Dude!""Want to make it feel even BETTER?" I asked, "Rotate your hips in a circle when I start fucking you. Squeeze your ass muscles as tight as you can when I pull out, then relax them as I shove back in...OK?""OK," He groaned. He pushed back against my groin and squeezed. "Liike THAT?" He asked."Mmmmmm...Yeah," I sighed...JUST like that." I pulled back against the exquisite pleasure. When I Pushed back in, he relaxed and my dick rushed to bottom out, my hips slapping against his ass.The next time I pulled back, I decided to throw him a curve. I stopped when I reached his outer ring...Hesitating a few seconds. Randy glanced over his shoulder with a questioning look. I started giving him a few inches of dick in quick, short, shallow thrusts."Oooo...Oooo...Oooo," He moaned, "Wha...What are you DOING? Why are you just fucking me with the tip of your cock? You're making me crazy...I want ALL of it!"He tried to shove back onto my cock, but my hands on his hips prevented it. He was getting frustrated by the unexpected pleasure of the new sensations. His ass was wiggling frantically, trying to get more."Oh Fuck! I'm going crazy here Jordan!" Randy complained, "Please...Fuck me RIGHT."He had suffered enough, so I warned, "OK Babe...You asked for it!" I gripped his hips with both hands and crammed my dick into his pulsating hole. This time I knocked him almost off his stance."Uuuuummmmmpppphhhh!" He shuddered as I plowed him deeply and hard with long strokes. We were slowly moving forward on the bed from the force of my hips slamming against his ass with each thrust."Ohhh...Ohhh...Mmmmm...Yeah...Yeah...THAT'S more LIKE it," He shouted, "Ahhh...Ahhh...Jeez, you're making me want to cum! You're hitting that...that spot again.""Your prostate," I reminded him, "If I keep rubbing it, I guarantee you will cum...But I'm not ready to let you cum yet!" I was plowing his incredibly tight ass with steady strokes...Bringing extreme pleasure to both of us...But not quite fast enough to let my climax sneak up on me.Once more I pulled out of his ass, causing him to look around and complain at the sudden feeling of emptyness.It didn't last long however, when I said in a husky voice, "On your BACK, Babe...I'm gonna fuck you like a woman and this time we're BOTH gonna cum!"Randy's eyes lit up and he hurried to comply. I hesitated a few seconds again to just admire his sexy body. "Damn Randy...You are GORGEOUS! I can't TELL you just how sexy you look.""SHOW me Jordan," He whispered, "SHOW me how sexy I am! Put your dick back in me and make me yours!""Let me put this under you," I said as I showed him a pillow. He raised his hips and I slid it under him. "Now your ass is propped up where I can get EVERY inch of cock in you!"I moved up between his spread legs and put my hands under each of his knees, raising them up. Randy grasped my throbbing dick and put it against his hole. When I shoved, I sank all the way in until I felt his drawn up ball sac mashed against my bush."Ahhhh,"He groaned, "Yesss...Take me Jordan...Fuck me and make me cum!"I started fucking him as hard and fast as I could. He raised his hips and met each of my downstrokes. His hard cock was bouncing on his stomach and was leaking profusly. I watched him reach for it and stroke himself in sync with my thrusts."Ahhh...Ahhh...Yesss...Yesss...Fuck me," He groaned, "I'm getting close...Getting close...Just a little MORE...Arrrgh...Oh...You're rubbing that spot again...Ooooo...I'm almost there Jordan!"I was no longer trying to hold back. His ass was about to drive me over the edge. His hand was stroking his cock frantically. This made his ass clench repeatedly on my dick deep in his tunnel. He was basically stroking me with his ass."Oh YEAH Babe," I grunted, "Don't hold it back...Let it go...Cum for me...I'm getting close too...Cum...Cum Baby...Cum!""Unnnnhh...Ohhh...I...I...I'm almost...Almost...Oh Fuck...I'm THERE...Jordan...I'm cumming...I'm Lolitas Nymphet Girls gonna...Awww FUCK...Here it cums!"His cum spurted out the tip of his dick, covering his stroking hand and much of it landing on his stomach.His ass spasmed as he shot and the rapid clenching pushed me past the point of no return. "Agggh, Yess...I'm cumming too Babe...Your sweet little ass is making me cum...Unnnggh...Unnnggh!" My seed exploded into his ass and I pumped as fast as I could, letting his ass milk every drop of cum from me.When I finally stopped, I let Randy drop his legs down on either side of my hips and I enjoyed a few more weak spurts every time he clenched his butt. The little guy KNEW what he was doing to me and I saw the grin on his face."You little RAT you," I gasped at each sensation."WHAT?" He asked innocently, squeezing his butt again and laughing at the look on my face."You're getting a little too cocky for your own good," I teased."It doesn't FEEL like a little cock in my ass!" He replied.Finally I couldn't take any more of his teasing. My dick was just too sensitive.Randy groaned and sounded disappointed as I pulled my dripping pole out of his clutching asshole.I leaned over him and our mouths came together, tongues licking and sucking the other's tongue.Finally we pulled apart and lay on our backs breathing raggedly."Whew!" Randy exclaimed, "That was something else. Thank you Jordan for teaching me how good it can be with two guys.""Thank YOU Randy," I answered, "You have given me the ULTIMATE compliment...You gave yourself to me...Completely! YOU were teriffic...AND...You are one HELLACIOUS fuck! I've never had a better one."He actually blushed. "You really mean that Jordan? Even though I'm just a kid?""Babe," I replied, putting Lolitas Nymphet Girls my hand on his flacid cock, "You were anything BUT a kid tonight! You gave ME as much pleasure as I could stand."He was obviously quite pleased. "Wow! I can't wait to get back to Little Rock. I may just let Jessie and Rusty fuck me now...IF I think they can keep it between us. They are gonna be SOOOO jealous when they find out I got fucked the first time by a grown MAN!""I'm sure you're about to beco
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